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Guacamole Burger
17 August 2017

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Heavy Equipment
16 August 2017

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Hanging - ST
8 August 2017

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Red Chairs - ST
1 August 2017

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Orchids 07.21.2017
22 July 2017

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Birds Congregating
2 July 2017

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Liberty Market
5 June 2017

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Natural Food Store
1 June 2017

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16 April 2017

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Vase Art
23 March 2017

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Super Mini Magnet
13 March 2017

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10 January 2017

Recent Comments

Curly on Guacamole Burger
Very nice foody shot, but yes you will have to stop eating like that (and worse still tempting the rest of us Lol)

Existence Artistique on Guacamole Burger

Ruthiebear on Guacamole Burger

beach on Guacamole Burger
I'm more interested in whats in the glass. Now THAT looks yummy!

Shaun on Guacamole Burger
This is a better looking burger than a Big Mac. I hope you enjoyed this snack.

Devi on Guacamole Burger
That is a " Rich " lunch :)))) I am drooling here at the shake and the French potatoes:))) Great food shot A ...

Ruthiebear on Heavy Equipment
AN interesting view of this work being done.

Existence Artistique on Heavy Equipment

Lewis on Heavy Equipment
Hope he is out before they pull it up )

Lewis on Plum Anyone? - ST
Forgotten fruit

Devi on Heavy Equipment
they do have some tough work here !

Shaun on Heavy Equipment
Nice image of these men at work Irene.

B. Thomas on Plum Anyone? - ST
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Harry on Plum Anyone? - ST
good experiment in scale

Ruthiebear on Plum Anyone? - ST
Maybe it has been left as a snack for squirrels or birds? Happy ST!

Devi on Plum Anyone? - ST
Aw!! A lonely chap !!! Hope some kid did take this away :)))) Happy S T :))

Shaun on Plum Anyone? - ST
I think someone should take this before the birds find this snack. Nice capture.

Existence Artistique on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
triste ce moment pour tous

Harry on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
simple but nice

Lewis on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
Lovely ambiance.

B. Thomas on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
Excellent capture.

Ruthiebear on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
Warm and inviting

Existence Artistique on Breakfast 08.12.2017
belle composition

Shaun on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
This is excellent. Great capture of the flame, wonderful color. 5*

Devi on Candle Flame on 08.09.2017
wow !! This is simply beautiful !!!! I love flames !!!!!! Great focus !!!

Harry on Breakfast 08.12.2017
where's the coffee? looks like an enjoyable breakfast, though I prefer bacon to sausage.

Lewis on Breakfast 08.12.2017
A wholesome breakfast, tuck in

Shaun on Breakfast 08.12.2017
This looks so good. Excellent detail. I am sure you enjoyed eating this.

Devi on Breakfast 08.12.2017
attractive food shot !!!!! More of these please !

Existence Artistique on Back in The City

Gérard on Breakfast 08.12.2017
Very light !

Harry on Back in The City
It would be a big mess if he dropped his load.

Ruthiebear on Back in The City
An intimidating view of this truck!

Lewis on Back in The City
Looks like a newfangled cement truck, neat!

Lewis on Federal Building
Lunchtime rush hour :)

Devi on Back in The City
Oof!! Looks rather scary :))

Shaun on Back in The City
That is some very well equipped truck in front of your car.

Existence Artistique on Federal Building
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Harry on Federal Building
but what color car were YOU driving?

Ruthiebear on Federal Building
The buildings look huge. SO much traffic!

Devi on Federal Building
Gosh !! What a traffic !!!!!! Massive building !!!

Shaun on Federal Building
I think you were right to head out of the city for lunch.

Ruthiebear on Heading to Lunch
Beautiful domes!

beach on Heading to Lunch
Or to worship

Shaun on Heading to Lunch
Excellent image. The domes on the church are superb.

Lewis on Heading to Lunch
Beautiful golden colour against the blue of the sky.

Lewis on Fish & Chips on 08.07.2017
Well presented this fish, chips and sauce shot.

Devi on Heading to Lunch
You are taking a beautiful route too!

Harry on Fish & Chips on 08.07.2017
It's been a while since I've been in SF, but there used to be some walk-up stands along some of the piers ...

beach on Fish & Chips on 08.07.2017
Yum. My favourite.

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