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Great Highway
23 October 2019

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Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
22 October 2019

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Flower on 09.15.2019
21 October 2019

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Light Drizzle
20 October 2019

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Balboa Cafe
18 October 2019

Thumbnail image

16 October 2019

Thumbnail image

ST - Incognito
15 October 2019

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Alpine Long Tool Spoon
11 October 2019

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ST -- Howdy
8 October 2019

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View From Wendy's
6 October 2019

Thumbnail image

Car Being Worked On
5 October 2019

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Two Pooches
27 September 2019

Thumbnail image

Ocean Beach on 09.05.2019
6 September 2019

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Construction -- ST
23 July 2019

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Barbie Bike
18 September 2018

Recent Comments

jpla on Flower on 09.15.2019
Joli rendu JP

Existence Artistique on Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
bien ce bleu

Devi on Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
a simple but fabulous shot !

Ruthiebear on Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
This is stunning!

Shaun on Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
A nice capture of the mist coming down.

Ronnie 2¢ on Ocean Beach on 10.21.2019
Plenty room for dreams there . .

Ruthiebear on Flower on 09.15.2019
5 stars from me. Beautiful

Shaun on Flower on 09.15.2019
Nice color and detail on these flowers.

Existence Artistique on Flower on 09.15.2019

omid on Flower on 09.15.2019
Lovely flowers & colors.

omid on Light Drizzle

Existence Artistique on Light Drizzle
bien vu

Devi on Light Drizzle
wow..beautiful unusual capture !!!

Ruthiebear on Light Drizzle
The drizzle makes for an interesting filter

Shaun on Light Drizzle
Well captured Irene.

Ralf Kesper on Light Drizzle
This rain drips made it special.

jpla on Light Drizzle
Il faut un bon coup de chiffon JP

jpla on Light Drizzle
Il faut un bon coup de chiffon JP

omid on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
Lovely colors & lights!

Ruthiebear on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
This is gorgeous!

Shaun on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
A magnificent image Irene. 5*

Existence Artistique on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
bel orangé

jpla on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
Belle prise JP

Devi on Sunrise from Inspiration Point
That looks beautiful !!!!

Elaine Hancock on Balboa Cafe
A great night image.

Ralf Kesper on Balboa Cafe
Wonderful in available light.

Shaun on Balboa Cafe
Nice light in this street image at night.

Devi on Balboa Cafe
Beautiful lighting :) Hope you have lunch here sometime Irene and give us some fabulous shots of the food:) Have a nice ...

Existence Artistique on Balboa Cafe

jpla on Balboa Cafe
Jolie prise nocturne JP

Devi on View on 10.16.2019
Beautiful...serene...what lovely mood here !

Shaun on View on 10.16.2019
A superb early morning capture.

Existence Artistique on View on 10.16.2019
bien vu

jpla on View on 10.16.2019
Le ciel a de belles teintes JP

Elaine Hancock on Ribs
They look yummy!

Devi on Ribs
Good image :)

Ralf Kesper on Ribs
Mmmmmmh ---)))!

Existence Artistique on Ribs

jpla on Ribs
Un anniversaire assuré JP

Elaine Hancock on ST - Incognito
A great scene! I love it! Happy ST!

Daryl Johnson on ST - Incognito
Hah! A good sport though...

Devi on ST - Incognito
Is that the Cat woman mask ? She should laugh!!!! Lovely capture :))

Ruthiebear on ST - Incognito
Happy ST!

Shaun on ST - Incognito
Looking very serious with those impressive glasses.

Existence Artistique on ST - Incognito
bien vu

Anna Cherer on ST - Incognito
we can have fun at any age ! the proof ;-)

Anna Cherer on Happy Birthday
99 it's great ! she looks younger ! Best wishes for a good health !

jpla on ST - Incognito
Elle est certaine qu'on ne va pas la regarder ? JP

Ronnie 2¢ on ST - Incognito
Thank you for an early-morning laugh . . although I'm sure she wants to be taken seriously !

omid on Happy Birthday
Lovely moment!

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