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More Rain
10 January 2020

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Rain in Forecast
9 January 2020

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Flowers on 01.04.2020
6 January 2020

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3 January 2020

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Old Chairs 12.31.2019
1 January 2020

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ST - Need a Seat?
31 December 2019

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Break Time
19 December 2019

Thumbnail image

Christmas Decorations
10 December 2019

Thumbnail image

Those Eyes
5 December 2019

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Silicone Pint Glass
1 December 2019

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Skyline on 11.27.2019
28 November 2019

Thumbnail image

22 November 2019

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At the Hairdresser
16 November 2019

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Ocean Beach on 09.05.2019
6 September 2019

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Barbie Bike
18 September 2018

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on More Rain
HOw are you feeling?

Ruthiebear on More Rain
I like the play of light and shadow. How are you?

Existence Artistique on More Rain

Ralf Kesper on More Rain
Nice streetview.

Shaun on More Rain
A nice street scene Irene.

Ronnie 2¢ on More Rain
I like how the leaves start to form a frame in this . . adds a lot to the image, somehow.

Devi on More Rain
The sky looks so clear..but one can never say when the clouds will become dark !!

Devi on Rain in Forecast
Looks like heavy rains.. Hope you get better soon :) Have plenty of hot fluids.

Ruthiebear on Rain in Forecast
Hope you feel better. You have captured the rainy mood.

beach on Rain in Forecast
Nice street shot

Existence Artistique on Rain in Forecast
génial le sens

Shaun on Rain in Forecast
Looks like a storm about to give some wet weather.

Ronnie 2¢ on Rain in Forecast
My guess is the forecast was right !

Ralf Kesper on Rain in Forecast
Very nice street view. I'm still waiting for the Beatles.

Ruthiebear on Flowers on 01.04.2020
Beautiful close up

Dimitrios on Flowers on 01.04.2020
mmm lovely and bright

Ralf Kesper on Flowers on 01.04.2020
Very nice flower.

Shaun on Flowers on 01.04.2020
Excellent color and detail Irene.

Existence Artistique on Flowers on 01.04.2020
belles couleurs

Devi on Flowers on 01.04.2020
Lovely !! I see a startled face in there and hairs " like a porcupine.." !!!! !!

Existence Artistique on Funeral on 01.03.20
ce style de photo je ne ferais jamais par respect...

omid on Funeral on 01.03.20

Ruthiebear on Funeral on 01.03.20
I feel the sadness.

Devi on Funeral on 01.03.20
a sad poignant image here..

Shaun on Funeral on 01.03.20
Sad image Irene.

Devi on Latte
Love that unique mug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine Hancock on Latte
I like the heart on top. It looks delicious!

Existence Artistique on Latte
superbe ces couleurs

Ruthiebear on Latte
I want to join you

Shaun on Latte
Looks all ready to enjoy Irene.

Ralf Kesper on Latte
Tasty presentation!

Elaine Hancock on Hearty Breakfast
It looks really delicious and filling!

omid on Hearty Breakfast
Mmmm...! :)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Hearty Breakfast
Save a place for me :))

Existence Artistique on Hearty Breakfast

Ruthiebear on Hearty Breakfast
I am guessing you really enjoyed this

Devi on Hearty Breakfast
Wow...looks sumptuous !!! Fine food shot :))

Shaun on Hearty Breakfast
You should enjoy this Irene.

yoshimiparis on Hearty Breakfast
High fat and large portion for a "breakfast" I wish you a wonderful year 2020

Ralf Kesper on Hearty Breakfast
That would enough for this day for me. Looks tasty. Bon appetit!

Ruthiebear on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
These are similar is type to my dining room chairs, which are 20 yaers old. Happy 2020

Ralf Kesper on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Happy New Year! :)

Devi on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Nice comfortable chairs !! Beautiful upholstery! Have a great 2020 :))

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Best Wishes to you and yours for this 2020, Irene !

Shaun on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Very nice old chairs. Have a gret New Year Irene.

Existence Artistique on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
nous gardons nos anciens souvenirs dans tous les cas,à vous aussi

omid on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Amazing! ... :) ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * • New ♫ ♪ ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Old Chairs 12.31.2019
Relax . . they are better than any chairs I've got ! Best Wishes to You and Yours for 2020 !

Ruthiebear on ST - Need a Seat?
Happy ST

Shaun on ST - Need a Seat?
No takers Irene.

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