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View from Twin Peaks
21 October 2017

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Selfie - ST
17 October 2017

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Day Trip #2
16 October 2017

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At Cemetery
11 October 2017

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Some Plant
8 October 2017

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Birds Over The Bay
1 October 2017

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Venetian Blinds
28 September 2017

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Freight Vessel Arriving
25 September 2017

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Candle - Rosewater
21 September 2017

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Moving On in Traffic
15 September 2017

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Tourist Cyclists
10 September 2017

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Guacamole Burger
17 August 2017

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Hanging - ST
8 August 2017

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Red Chairs - ST
1 August 2017

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10 January 2017

Recent Comments

omid on View from Twin Peaks
Amazing view & atmosphere!

Existence Artistique on View from Twin Peaks
belle vue

omid on Clear Day
Lovely view!

Ruthiebear on Clear Day
A much less hazy view. Hope you have gotten the rain!

Existence Artistique on Clear Day
bien la vue

Lewis on Sunrise on 10.17.2017
Lovely hazy hues.

Lewis on Skyline 10.17.2017
Wonderfully framed view!

Existence Artistique on Sunrise on 10.17.2017
belle prise

Ruthiebear on Sunrise on 10.17.2017
Still so hazy. But beautiful mood

Wayra on Sunrise on 10.17.2017
Wow, astonishing landscape. Perfect timing!

omid on Skyline 10.17.2017
Amazing view !!!

Ruthiebear on Skyline 10.17.2017
YOu have captured the hazy, smoky view beautifully

Existence Artistique on Skyline 10.17.2017
belle vue

B. Thomas on Selfie - ST
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Lewis on Day Trip #2
Good shot too.

Lewis on Selfie - ST
You picked a good hairdo and ST photo :)

Ruthiebear on Selfie - ST
Fabulous Happy ST!

Rick on Selfie - ST
Very artistic and stylish. Happy ST.

Devi on Selfie - ST
:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Happy S T :))))

Existence Artistique on Selfie - ST
superbe recherche

omid on Selfie - ST
Hi, Irene! :) ... Amazing self portrait!

Devi on Day Trip #2
Thank are coming back home :))

Ruthiebear on Day Trip #2
It looks less smoky going in this direction.

Existence Artistique on Day Trip #2
bien la perspective

Ronnie 2¢ on Day Trip #2
What an unbeatable 'welcome home' feeling this must give each time !

Lewis on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
The firemen did a good job.

Lewis on Day Trip
Lovely early morning quietness on the bridge.

Ruthiebear on Day Trip
Glad you wore your mask. A lovely point of view.

Existence Artistique on Day Trip
bien la perspective

Devi on Day Trip
The image is lovely..very nice view..Hope the smoke subsides soon !

omid on Day Trip
such beautiful frame, perspective & lines!

omid on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
Amazing atmosphere!

Ruthiebear on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
It looks so smoky. I pray the fires will be out soon!

Devi on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
Gosh..still hazy !

Existence Artistique on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
bon travail

Dimitrios on Smokey Sunrise 10.13.2017
mmm moody feeling

Lewis on Smokey Day 10.12.2017
Bad news.

Lewis on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017
Fire can be so devastating

Existence Artistique on Smokey Day 10.12.2017
une intéressante recherche

Ruthiebear on Smokey Day 10.12.2017
I am glad you have m asks to wear, Irene. this looks very dangerous for breathing! Stay safe, my friend.

Devi on Smokey Day 10.12.2017
Stay safe Irene..Take care .

Wayra on Smokey Day 10.12.2017
Nice perspective.

Rick on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017
A pretty picture that can't hide the seriousness of what is happening in your state. I have seen the nightly ...

Existence Artistique on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017

Ruthiebear on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017
I hope you are staying safe and not breathing in the smoke. A sad but telling image.

Devi on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017
Yes our hearts go out to the people out there..May normalcy come back there soon :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Smokey Sunrise 10.11.2017
Indeed, there are some terrible times out there . .

Lewis on At Cemetery
A nice well kept cemetery.

Lewis on Effects From Fires (Morning Sun)
The effect is lovely and hazy but the cause is not. Take care.

Existence Artistique on At Cemetery
faire un arrêt sur le passé

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