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View from Twin Peaks
22 June 2017

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All Purpose Knife
14 June 2017

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Stress Gear - ST
13 June 2017

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Near Cacti - ST
6 June 2017

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Liberty Market
5 June 2017

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Natural Food Store
1 June 2017

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View on 5.30.2017
31 May 2017

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Label Fell - ST
30 May 2017

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Cute Gosslings #2
12 May 2017

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Bare Median
3 May 2017

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16 April 2017

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Vase Art
23 March 2017

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Super Mini Magnet
13 March 2017

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10 January 2017

Recent Comments

Devi on View from Twin Peaks
wonderful view !!!!!

Shaun on View from Twin Peaks
Magnificent city view. 5*

B. Thomas on Clouds on 06.19.2017
Very lovely morning sky.

Ruthiebear on Clouds on 06.19.2017
I like the early morning light with the clouds

Don on Clouds on 06.19.2017
An interesting sky shot for the spotty clouds.

L'Angevine on And Your Driver Is - ST
bien vu

Shaun on Clouds on 06.19.2017
I always think, that clouds on a picture can make any image better. Great shot.

Lewis on Clouds on 06.19.2017
Nice tones and early morning light.

Lewis on And Your Driver Is - ST
Funny, keeping the driver's seat warm, happy ST

B. Thomas on And Your Driver Is - ST
Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

Devi on And Your Driver Is - ST
:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Happy S T :)

Don on And Your Driver Is - ST
You never know who's driving these days. This ia a fabulous capture of a different kind of driver. Well done.

Ruthiebear on And Your Driver Is - ST
A new uber driver??? Happy ST!

L'Angevine on Roof Being Worked On #2
oh on les surveille

Curly on And Your Driver Is - ST
I thought he was supposed to be attached to the front and pull on command :-)

Shaun on And Your Driver Is - ST
A very clever dog. I bet he would be a better driver than some people are. Excellent capture.

Harry on Roof Being Worked On #2
well, they're on the roof; I hope they are working

Lewis on Roof Being Worked On #2
Great composition and framing of the builders and roof.

Don on Roof Being Worked On #2
The workmen on the roof makes the idea of roof repair much more believeable.

L'Angevine on Roof Being Worked On
bien vu

Ruthiebear on Roof Being Worked On #2
I like how you framed this view with the branches.

Shaun on Roof Being Worked On #2
I am sure these guy's will do a great job. Excellent look at daily life.

Wayra on Roof Being Worked On #2
Nice pow. Good job.

Harry on Roof Being Worked On
don't see much work going on - LOL

Lewis on Roof Being Worked On
I like the geometrical shapes in today's photo.

Don on Roof Being Worked On
I like the light that falls on this image. It's difficult to see the roof changes at this stage.

L'Angevine on Smaller Truck
bien la roue

Shaun on Roof Being Worked On
I really like the light and shadows in this image.

Devi on Roof Being Worked On
a very cheerful image here !

Harry on Smaller Truck
I've always thought it would be fun to fill one of those trucks with foam rubber, then slide down the chute. ...

Lewis on Smaller Truck
Less debris than estimated perhaps, I like the black trucks

Ruthiebear on Smaller Truck
A great street scene

Shaun on Smaller Truck
I am pleased to see work is going well here Irene. Another nice image of daily life.

Don on Smaller Truck
A very interesign street scene for it's ongoing action.

Devi on Smaller Truck
good capture !

L'Angevine on Ready Set ....

Lewis on Ready Set ....
Now I see what the orange rubber thing is for, interesting street shot and framing!

Ruthiebear on Ready Set ....
I like this point of view for seeing what is going on.

Don on Ready Set ....
A strong street scene of this truck prepared to get on with their task.

L'Angevine on Ready For Work
curieuse que je m'approcherais de ce truc à côté de la remorque

Shaun on Ready Set ....
This is an interesting image of work. All the rubbish going into the truck.

Don on Ready For Work
It's a good thing the truck if already parked. It looks ready for work.

Ruthiebear on Ready For Work
I see the truck but no one working!

L'Angevine on All Purpose Knife
oh moi peur

Shaun on Ready For Work
The truck is there Irene, but where are the workers. Great image.

Lewis on Ready For Work
The black truck stands out very well amongst the parked cars.

Lewis on All Purpose Knife
Careful with that thing :)

Lewis on Stress Gear - ST
Great fidget thingy ST image )

Harry on All Purpose Knife
Disturbingly lethal looking, though a very soft photo of a very sharp object.

Don on All Purpose Knife
I believe what you say. It looks like it would be good for a number of activities.

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